Why I Chose ACE: Academic Excellence


    Why I Chose ACE: Academic Excellence


                In August of 2011, I began the search for a M.Ed. program that best fit my needs.  One of my requirements was academic excellence; an accredited program that offered challenging courses.  The M.Ed. programs at the American College of Education (ACE) meet that requirement.   

                ACE is accredited by the NCA/HLC, which is recognized in numerous states as an acceptable accreditation agency.  ACE offers challenging courses, all of which are taught by professors holding a doctoral degree.  The student to faculty ratio is 30:1, and the faculty has relevant K-12 teaching experience.  Recently, my state adopted the Common Core Sate Standards (CCSS) causing my school to re-align its mathematics and language arts curriculum with the CCSS.  This was not a problem for me because ACE’s coursework is aligned to the CCSS.  I was able to apply the teaching strategies and interventions I learned in my ACE courses to my classroom as well.

                Last February, I earned my M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from the American College of Education.  ACE’s courses taught me best practices, classroom management techniques, and effective classroom technology integration.  My 18 months at ACE has truly made me a better educator.