Why I Chose ACE


    Why I Chose ACE


    In May of 2011, I earned my undergraduate teaching degree.  That summer, I was hired as a secondary mathematics teacher; my first professional teaching position!  At that time, my next goal was to earn a master’s degree in education.  I knew receiving a M.Ed. would improve my teaching practice, open the door to leadership opportunities, and increase my salary.  I needed a program that was accredited, affordable, flexible, and would provide me with tools and strategies I could use in my classroom.  I wanted a program that could be completed in a timely manner as well.  Fortunately, I learned of the graduate degree programs at the American College of Education (ACE).


    First, ACE is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).  The full tuition of the M.Ed. programs is only $7,955.  ACE offers M.Ed. programs in Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Leadership, Educational Technology, and Elementary Education.  These programs can be completed online in 18 months.


               Last February, I earned my M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from ACE.  I was never once required to meet in-person with my classmates or professors.  I was able to collaborate effectively with my classmates and professors through discussion boards, online chats, and virtual office hours.  ACE’s user-friendly online learning system allowed me to read journals, watch lectures, and complete assignments at my convenience.  In addition, I never had to purchase textbooks for any of my classes.  ACE provides access to an online library that contains all of the required readings for courses.  Most importantly, I was able to apply my learning experiences at ACE to my profession.  For instance, I learned about effective methods to increase parent involvement, the preferred learning styles of diverse learners, and how to use data to make instructional decisions.  I have increased my participation and led some of my department’s Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).  In an effort to improve school climate, I joined my school’s credit recovery and AVID programs.  Ultimately, after my 18 months at ACE, I received a sizeable salary increase, improved my leadership skills, and became a better educator.  I highly recommend ACE to anyone considering pursing a M.Ed.