Time Management Tips for ACE


    Time Management Tips for ACE


                Last February, I earned my M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from the American College of Education (ACE).  I started the C&I program at ACE in the fall of my first year of teaching.  While I was excited to begin working towards my Master’s degree, I quickly realized I needed a plan to fit my graduate work into my busy schedule.  Balancing coursework, a career, a family, and a social life can be very difficult!  In order for me to succeed at ACE, I had to create a schedule.


                First, I made a to-do list for my course.  I was able to use the list repeatedly because many of the courses followed a similar structure.  My to-do list consisted of readings, lectures, discussion posts, a quiz, and an assignment.


                Next, I produced a weekly schedule that contained personal deadlines for my assignments.  I followed the plan below:


    Sun: Read syllabus and information on professor; write first discussion post.

    Mon: Start readings/lectures; start assignment; reply to a discussion post.

    Tue: Continue readings/lectures; continue assignment; reply to a discussion post.

    Wed: Finish readings/lectures and progress monitors; continue assignment.

    Thu: Watch review; complete quiz; continue assignment.

    Fri: Complete assignment and upload it to turnitin.com.

    Sat: Make corrections on assignment and submit it to ACE.


                I strongly suggest checking the deadlines of a course.  For example, I always completed the progress monitors and discussion posts early in the week because the deadlines occurred earlier.  I tried to start the assignment for the week on Monday, because assignments usually require much more time to complete.  Read articles and watch lectures whenever free time is available!


                Finally, I suggest completing coursework as early as possible.  When working on assignments, I asked my family and friends not disturb me unless necessary.  And if I ever began to lose focus or motivation, I would think of why I wanted to earn my M.Ed. from ACE – the pay increase, the leadership opportunities, and the improvement of my teaching practice!