Diverse Learners

  • What I have enjoyed most about this course was the opportunity to collaborate with teachers I normally do not have the opportunity to collaborate with. I was given a chance to discuss strategies and practices that are working to help third grade special education students at close the achievement gap on state test scores. It was an opportunity to see what was working for this subgroup in our school. As an ESL teacher at a TAP school, the achievement gap was apparent each week. After discussion, this group of students experienced similar outcomes each week.

    Throughout the course we discussed diverse learners and successful practices to meet student’s individual needs. It was such a prideful moment to learn how many of these practices are being utilized in our school. Our staff works diligently to provide instruction to meet our diverse population, from regular education to special education, including a large ESL population.  When you consider diversity in your planning, your lessons support the cultural, emotional and academic needs of these students. They are engaged in the lessons implemented and connect with learning in meaningful ways that will support the foundations we (the teachers) build on day to day and year to year.

    As I excitedly look on to my third course at ACE I have truly enjoyed the passion continuing my education has brought to my career and the opportunity to grow as an educator. Each course, I look forward to learning new ways to meet the needs of my students and sharing ideas with colleagues.