Reflecting on First Lessons

  • Reflection: Course 1 (BE5013)


    I have already completed my first course at ACE, Foundations in ESL and Bilingual Education. It was such a great experience to start off my ACE career. This course has allowed me to reflect on my own personal biases regarding ESL instruction as well as the ESL program in my school. This course has allowed me to look at the ESL program at my school (Johnson Gretna Park in Gretna, Louisiana- Jefferson Parish Public School System) in a new invigorating way. I realized how much more we can do to embrace our ESL population. I was required to give a presentation to teachers at my school about the history of bilingual education in the US. We collaborated on how to recognize the diverse population of ESL’s in our school and we shared stories of personal experiences in order to find ways to making our school program better. We are developing a multi-cultural committee and making improvements to the recognition of the many ESL families we serve. 


    This course was very insightful for transitioning my career into the ESL department. My knowledge of ESL and Bilingual education has grown. I have a deeper understanding to the many approaches of educating LEP students in our country as well as a more concrete understanding of the types of ESL programs available to LEP students. One of the most enjoyable experiences and rich learning experiences comes with the discussion boards. I enjoy learning of my fellow student’s experiences and have the opportunity to collaborate them on teaching practices. My next course at ACE is Diverse Learners. I look forward to sharing my experiences and how it can positively impact my classroom.