The Curriculum-Classroom Connection

  • One of the worst parts of being in school when I was a kid was the narrow view I had that I would never use some of the concepts again. As a teenager, I didn't see the relevance of taking higher-level Math because I didn't see a practical use for it. Little did I know how much those problem-solving skills would come in handy.


    This belief drifted over into my adult education as well. When I became a teacher I had my Bachelor and Master in Business Administration. Someone stopped to ask me if I was going to go back to college for education, which got my mind to thinking. I could choose to pursue another Masters degree and build my professional skills, or just learn through experience on my own and save the time and money.


    I took the leap several years ago and got my MEd in Educational Leadership from ACE. What I found amazing was that it was a double-edge sword in my educational and professional journey. I quickly realized that the things I was seeing in my classroom could be explained based on scientific research I was learning at ACE. For example, in my Law and Policy course I learned many reasons why certain behavioral structures were in place at my school and what could result if it wasn't.


    In addition to seeing it from that angle, the greater feature of my ACE experience was the ability to take what I was learning and apply it to my class immediately. There were many situations where I took theoretical and research-based ideas and applied them to my classroom. It allowed me the opportunity to share my results and collaborate with other educators pursuing the same degree. For the first time I was seeing a true connection between my classroom and the college curriculum. It was coming alive on a daily basis within the confines of my classroom and I was able to see huge student improvement.


    If you're considering a place to pursue your degree, I urge you to look into ACE. It is a model that is set up for not only your success, but for your students.


    Happy Learning!!